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The Weinstein Company Is Giving eBook For Movie Ticket Purchase


Weinstein Books is taking advantage of the upcoming film release of The Intouchables to promote its new book You Changed My Life: A Memoir, the book that the film is based on. In exchange for buying a ticket to the movie, movie goers who buys a ticket to see the film between July 27 and August 3 will get a code to redeem a free copy of the eBook.

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The state of ebook pricing - O'Reilly Radar

"Prior to the agency model, Amazon was free to set whatever customer price they wanted for ebooks, even if it meant they were selling every single one of them at a loss. That brings up the razor/blades model, where it’s not unusual for the razor to be sold at a loss, but the profit is made on the sale of the blades. So, if ebooks are the razors, what are the blades?"

Not Sold (Yet) on Ebooks

"Given that survey after survey has found students reluctant to buy into e-textbooks with limited rights, I’m wary of assuming they’ll embrace ebooks in the library. And while I can see why a research library would find ebook bundles attractive, undergraduates are not eager to have access to everything; in fact, Project Information Literacy found undergraduates use a variety of strategies to actively narrow the range of possibilities because they are overwhelmed by the options. Browsing the shelves of a small collection of hand-picked books works better than searching a database with a million books in it.”

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